The Problem...

  1. Are Unsure Of How To Aquire Positive Reviews?
  2. Do You Have More Negative Reviews Than Positive Reviews?
  3. Do You Have A Few Reviews, But Would Like More Positive Reviews?
  4. Are You Looking To Help Improve Your Search Engine Ranking?

A big part part of the problem with reviews on different sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook getting customers that are extremely happy with your service to the proper location to fill out the review, and the customer actually going to that location to fill out the review. The one problem most businesses "DO NOT" have are customers that are not real happy with the service they were provided finding the review sites and leaving negative reviews. So what ends up happening? A business like yours gets several negative reviews and few positive thus leaving the wrong impression of your business with future customers who may now choose a competitor to do business with.

Enter the reputation management companies, what do they do? Well in short they aim to bury negative reviews with positive reviews. That's it! with Blue Dog Reviews you can do the exact same thing without spending the small fortune these companies are asking on a monthly basis.

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The Solution...

Blue Dog Reviews comes in two flavors, Basic and Pro. Basic, will get you set up with Google Reviews(only stipulation is that customers MUST have a Gmail account in order to review your site). Pro, will allow you to receive reviews using Google, Yelp, Facebook, (Healthgrades, Vitals - should your business be in the medical field) and the list is growing. With the Pro plan you can also schedule which review service is displayed for any given day of the week. So, you could have Google setup for Monday, Yelp setup for Tuesday etc... this insures an even spread of reviews accross multiple review platforms, all using the same QR Code!

The Process...

Step 1.

Once you have subscribed to either of the plans below we will begin creating your QR Code.

Step 2.

Enter your business related ID's (we can help you set this up, basically they are the ID's provided by say Google, Yelp etc..) via the admin section.

Step 3.

Ask your "HAPPY & SATISFIED" customers for reviews! Add the QR code to your business cards / website / social media links.

The Results!

  1. More Positive Reviews
  2. Bury Negative Reviews That Are Harming Your Business
  3. Helping To Improve Your Rank In Search Engines
  4. More Business, As Customers Start To Choose Your Service Over The Competion

$4.95 /month

  • Review Services (Google Only)
  • Access To Administration Site
  • Unlimited "Positive Review" Potential

Friendly Disclaimer...

Although Blue Dog Reviews aims to make the "Positive Reviews" gathering process easier, it is NOT automated. The success of this service is completely dependent on how active you are with handing out your QR Code to "HAPPY & SATISFIED" customers.

Blue Dog Reviews will NOT prevent you from getting negative reviews, unhappy customers will still be able to go to review sites and leave negative reviews.

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